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Ireland – a paradise for those who are fond of equine tourism
03 July
Though Ireland can’t be named as a motherland of horse racing, equestrian sport is highly developed here.
To the mountains for real Bergkäse
26 June
Switzerland has always been famous for its cheese. The country produces more than 400 kinds of delicious cheese admired by millions of people across the world. The formula for its success is in the alpine mountain pastures.
Oberammergau – an open-air museum in the heart of the Bavarian Alps
19 June
A two hour’s drive from Munich and you are at the wonderful place, where fairy tale and real life have been interweaved. For many years, the Alpine village of Oberammergau has been famous for its incredible frescoed houses.
Following the Wrocław Dwarfs’ Footsteps
12 June
Wrocław is a beautiful quiet town which stands on the green banks of the Oder River. It attracts tourists not only with its medieval sites, fantastic bridges (there are more than 200 of them here), but also with small modern figurines of dwarfs.
Dordogne – the land of foie gras
05 June
Any land can boast with its cuisine and inspire a gourmet to make an unforgettable trip around it. But France is probably the only country, where even a casual tourist can become a real gourmet.
Penguin paradise in Africa
29 May
Since childhood we know that birds fly in the sky. They inhabit certain territories: some of them prefer tropical areas, while others, on the contrary, prefer cold climates.
Magic of Mont Saint-Michel
15 May
In the north-west coast of France, there is an island often referred to as the eighth wonder of the world.
The flower kingdom of the Netherlands
25 April

And here it is, the long-awaited time when every ray of sunshine warm happy! Somehow, in the spring so eager for new experiences, bright colors, emotions and feelings. Therefore, the spring would like to spend the journey somehow in a special way: in

World’s Most Popular Ski Resorts
17 April
While the government of Great Britain and some other investors are planning to build the world’s biggest ski resort in England which is going to be located in the suburb of London – Stratford
Travelling with taste: barbecue of the world
09 April
First sunny days bring the well-liked season of barbecue.

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