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In 2010, the Crossexpert company (the United Kingdom) made a decision to create an innovative resource for travellers around the world. It was intended to bring together and organise information about every corner of the world and provide tourists with a number of new and unique services.

Considering its wide experience in the development of software for the tourism industry and being the leader in the field of travel industry specific projects of different scales. The Overia company (Ukraine) was invited to implement the project. Thanks to the joint effort of the teams of professionals, in 2010 the project was born. is a complete information resource about world countries. It contains interesting information about every unique corner on earth. Whether a small town on a picturesque hillside, an old historical square or an industrial mega-city, they’ve got something special to amaze you. Scenic views of the Carpathian Mountains, the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, ancient architecture of Europe are all worth seeing! project is designed by skilled professionals, all members of our team – software architects, code developers, QA specialists, linguists, copywriters – are experts in their fields. Having highly professional staff and efficient teamwork environment we offer you our resource as a complete guide through the world. While working on the project, we aim to collect and arrange information about a wide range of services and attractions in an understandable and accessible way. We want this resource to become an indispensable guide for you.

We appreciate your consideration! Please be assured of our diligence when dealing with your enquiries.

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