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In search of the perfect meal: dishes of Romantic Spain

In search of the perfect meal: dishes of Romantic Spain

Sunny and hot Spain can drive you crazy with its paradise islands! It seems The Happiness lives in this country. You can feel the taste of romance on every street corner here. Just have a look at its fantastic restaurants standing on the bank of the ocean, quiet bays with picturesque beaches, gentle sunsets and mysterious nights.

You’ll get hundred per cent of satisfaction by visiting Canary Islands which belong to Spain. They are famous for their mild climate, warm water of the ocean, beaches with gold sands, tropical gardens and deep forests, volcanic peaks and magnificent mountains. It will take you long to count all the treasures the islands are reach in. The time slows down here. You can forget about your daily routines and immerse in the atmosphere of happiness. It’s so nice to look out of you hotel window in a silent Canary morning and to see the ocean covered with the gold of sun lights. While holding a glass of sweet and energetic baraquito – local coffee drink.
It is made in layers: first goes condensed milk, then some liquor and after that a layer of coffee. It’s covered with frothed milk and some twist of lemon is added in the end. A cup of such drink with an appetite hot croissant in the morning is the best energy cocktail!
Charming beaches will attract you with their crystal clear water. You should surrender to this temptation and enjoy the oceans. Having swum enough, visit a local fish restaurant. Ask for a plate of Galician octopus (pulpo a la gallega).
By the way, to make an octopus soft and gentle, it should be boiled right: in a copper pot and then seasoned with olive oil, salt and red pepper. While your dish is cooked, don’t waste your time and try pescaditos fritos – tiny tasty fish.
Cooked octopus will be served to you on a special wooden plate. It’s an extremely tasty dish which tastes even better with white wine Albariño. Such meal and nice company of your close friends will make your day.
If you prefer fish, you should ask for one of the best meals of the Canary cuisine – vieja. It’s a delicacy parrotfish with original taste. Just caught fish will be boiled and server with olive oil and Canary sauce “mojo verde”.
The best drink in a hot weather is sangria.
This cheerful drink is based on red wine with adding of different fruit pieces and some liquor or brandy. With every sip of sangria you’ll feel warmth and serenity running slowly in your veins.
One of the best things on Canary Island is the sunset. This is the time of strongest feelings, the moment of truth. It’s also the time for delicious dinner. You can go to some of the local bars, for example. Entering it, you’ll be stunned by the appetite smell of jamon – jerked pork legs.
The legs hang down from the ceiling around the bar desk. If you want to enjoy the taste of this Spanish delicacy, take a seat comfortably at the table and ask for jamon, cheese and tart wine. A large dish where thin pieces of jamon will be set in the best way will be solemnly served to you.
When you see this meal with fantastic and gentle aroma in front of you, you’ll forget everything! Don’t hurry to swallow everything at once, enjoy every piece with lettuce and wine. 
Little by little the sky goes darker and darker and the stars light up. The sky surface looks like a perfectly polished crystal, and thousands of stars shine bright like diamonds. Such moments are created for spending time sitting on the beach and listening to the music of the ocean waves.
The melody of Spanish guitar is heard nearby, you close person is by your side and all this is accompanied by a bottle of Canary wine Malvasia.
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