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Budapest - Pearl of the Danube

Budapest - Pearl of the Danube

Amazingly beautiful city in which architecture intertwined many different styles: Gothic, Baroque, Classicism, Modernism. The endless war and invasion, destruction and reconstruction have created the modern look of Budapest. He captivates travelers with its charm exclusively Hungarian and European character. Having been here once, you'll love this city forever! 

Budapest - Hungary's capital consists of three ancient cities under the name of Pest, Buda and Óbuda, united in one city with the help of seven magnificent bridges. So in Budapest can be reached in any way you want: by train, plane and even on a cruise ship on the Danube. 

The first thing that surprised Budapest tourists - many monuments. In each area, every street, every corner someone is standing, sitting or appeals. They are simply an incredible array of almost every governor, a prominent politician, honorary citizen of the Hungarian capital, there was a place. 

By the way, Budapest is the only city in the world, in which there are a large number of hot springs, making it the main resort of Hungary, and not the last in Europe. Budapest baths arose because of the numerous sources of healing and thermal water, beating at the foot of the Buda hills. Local treatment of water is used not only for swimming but also for drinking. Most often the sources are found on the island of Margate, it is a favorite place of citizens and tourists. You can visit the famous Hungarian Park Arboretum, ride a bike, swim in the pool, play tennis on the professional court also has alpine garden, a rose garden, water activities for children and a zoo. 

However, their familiarity with the pearl of the Danube is better to start with the Castle Hill, which is located on the right bank of the Danube. It offers a beautiful panorama of Budapest with its magnificent medieval squares, streets, cathedrals and chapels. Climbing up the hill on the stairs or on a cable car, you will find yourself in front of the main attraction of Budapest. royal palace, or it is also called the Buda Castle - the former residence of Hungarian kings and famous dynasty of the Hapsburgs. For the first time in this place a fortress was built back in the 13-14 century, then it was repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt. And in peacetime castle has grown to amazing proportions and now occupies almost the entire territory of Castle Hill. Each ruler brought into the interiors of the palace and its vast parks his unique style, giving the castle a special luxury. Therefore it is worth to visit all who care about the medieval history, great design and beauty. 

If you prefer hiking, then start your journey with Andrassy Avenue, along the way you will meet a whole ensemble sights of Budapest. Prospect will bring you to the main town square - Heroes' Square. Above it rises the ensemble of statues erected in honor of the millennial anniversary of independent Hungary. Here are the main events in the life of the city: festivals, rallies and demonstrations.
A collection of palaces, churches and monuments of Budapest declared by UNESCO as world cultural heritage.

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