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Holidays in the castles of Europe - Feel like a king

Holidays in the castles of Europe - Feel like a king

Two centuries ago to live in castles only kings and their families and members of the nobility. And today, the royal stay available to everyone. You can choose to stay in a luxury apartment in almost any European castle. Tourists will be able to feel like a hero of medieval romance and day to become the master of this castle!

The most demanded and popular are castles located in the picturesque Rhone-Alpes region in southeastern France . Beautiful virgin nature, mountain lakes, picturesque French villages, extensive vineyards and gardens beckon experienced travelers and admirers of antiquity. After all locks are open not only for sightseeing tours, but also for tourists, so you can stay in the royal apartments not for one day.

At 30 kilometers from Lyon is a magnificent Château de Bagnols (Chateau de Bagnols). At the end of the last century a wealthy family bought it and turned into a four-star hotel with restaurant, swimming pool, spa and casino. It boasts a 12 comfortable rooms and 8 suites. Event space is equipped with 5 rooms. Leisure at the Chateau de Bagnols can arrange for everyone: golf, tennis, trips, horse-drawn carriage, and even ATV riding on royal horses thoroughbred.

In the heart of the Beaujolais region is an old castle, the Chateau de Pisa (Château de Pizay). It has retained its medieval character and architecture. Entrance to the castle is through a deep ditch and a suspension bridge that connects it with the lands of the former county. The facades are decorated with royal fortress and family coats of arms, and the spacious rooms - unique medieval frescoes. Apartment Chateau de Pisa made ​​in Renaissance style with a massive carved furniture, fireplaces, large crystal chandeliers and columns supporting wooden ceilings. Its visitors castle can offer excellent wine collection stored in its cellars for centuries, as well as a tasting of young wines, hiking and horseback riding, excursions.

On the shores of the picturesque mountain lake Leman stretches Château de Coudray (Chateau de Coudree). Its walls looms directly to the water, and the rooms are furnished with antiques and mahogany furniture. The fortress consists of a beautiful park, which has a cozy gazebo, delicate arches and statues. Guests can lock water sports: windsurfing, walking, sailing, yachting, kayaking and gondolas. Televisions and extreme entertainment: skydiving, hang-gliding and paragliding. A curious travelers can go to a wine or a gastronomic tour of the district, because France is famous worldwide as the birthplace of exquisite dishes and delicious wines.

In the valley Cote du Rhone, high on a hill overlooks magnificent 12th century castle Chateau de Roshgyud (Chateau de Rochegude). Castle for centuries possessed representatives of the higher clergy: bishops, the pope and the Dauphin. At the Chateau de Roshgyud has 23 rooms, a fine restaurant with traditional and Mediterranean cuisine and its neighborhood - pool, hot springs, tennis court and a huge park where deer live. Château de Roshgyud can be rented for a week even if you plan to rest a great campaign.
Locks are perfect for family celebrations, weddings and romantic. Removing the apartment in any of them, be sure that such a journey you will never forget!

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