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Bergen - the birthplace of the fjords

Bergen - the birthplace of the fjords

The magazine «National Geographic», authoritative international edition in travel, I decided to find out which corner of the earth can be described as the most beautiful. The competition is 115 best hiking trails. And the jury, having been in the most picturesque places of the planet, giving the first place ... the fjords of Norway. So what is so surprised the contestants this country? To find out, offer to go on a fascinating journey through the second capital of Norway. 

Bergen - Norway's oldest city, is one of the first medieval settlements in Europe. The majority of residents believe that it is this Scandinavian capital. Bergen saved its historic guise and beauty, he does not have the administrative modernism, which is inherent in Oslo.

Bergen is often called the "city of seven heights." Indeed, the seven hills divide it into two parts. On the shore - the old districts, and on the other side of the peaks - the modern neighborhoods with an abundance of high-rise buildings, trendy shops, shopping centers and cafes. We head to the waterfront in Bergen. There is a central area, and not far from it - famous throughout Scandinavia fish market. Every day here in colorful outdoor tents fishermen dressed in raincoats and rubber boots, and sell their catch. The morning brought here caught a couple of hours ago, fresh fish. Beyond the usual shellfish for sale - catfish, lobsters, stingrays, lobsters, sharks and huge chunks of whale meat. Tourists are attracted here a great opportunity to see the most unusual inhabitants of the deep sea. 

After admiring the gifts of the ocean, we will go to the medieval quarter of Bryggen, which is included in UNESCO's list as the most interesting monument in Europe. On the shore of the bay, near the port, the fishermen and traders settled since the 12th century, and from 14 - appeared first home Hanseatic merchants. Naturally, the wooden house is often subjected to fire, the first time the fire raged here in 1170. A fire is considered to be the most destructive of the 18th century. But every time the block again and again rebuilt. For three centuries in Bryggen is unchanged, retaining its magnificent medieval appearance. Houses and bridges are made ​​of blocks of wood in a traditional style. Walking through the narrow streets, you can feel the atmosphere that once prevailed in these places.

Bergen is famous around the world as the gateway to the kingdom of fjords. And we go further into the town of Flam to enjoy the beautiful nature of Norway. Despite the efforts of the engineers involved the erection of bridges and construction of underwater tunnels, in Western Norway for more than 70 ferry lines. Ferried from one bank to another, you will see breathtaking scenery: drowning in a cap cloud mountain peaks, pristine lakes, jagged cliffs bizarre and flowering meadows.

Water turned to Norway in their homeland fjords in all its landscapes, there are three colors - green, blue and lilac: forests, water and rocks. Most amazing thing is that everyone is different fjord landscape unique and has its own unique color of the water. 

Enjoy the pristine beauty of the Norwegian fjords is possible not only with the ferry or pleasure boat. You can rent a kayak, bicycle or car. You will have most scenic and majestic scenery, breathtaking. Feeling some implausibility and fairy tales covers those traveling on the fjord between the bastions of gray rocks.

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