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Oslo - the first provincial capital of the world

Oslo - the first provincial capital of the world

Norway - a small cozy country, which has spread its open spaces immediately along three seas - the North, Barents and Norwegian. Most often, the word Norway tourists imagine the majestic nature of the fjords and snow-capped peaks. However, the country is not one of the fjords and ski resorts. Small and we can even say her provincial capital of Oslo deserves your attention.

Capital surrounded by picturesque hills, one of which sits proudly Akershus Castle, built in the 12th century. It is the only ancient building in Oslo. The spacious rooms of the fortress is a unique model of Christiania, so once called Oslo. Interestingly, in all its history and Akershus was never captured by enemy troops, although subjected besieged by neighbors. And the fortress of the local population has a bad reputation. It is said that there dozens of years living ghost who likes to appear Xia of the darkest corners, bringing terror to all those present.

Oslo was founded a thousand years ago, the ancient city was the capital of the North during the time of the terrible Vikings. Many times he badly burned, and the fire in 1824 almost completely destroyed the city. So nowadays Oslo built up mainly modern buildings, buildings of the 18th century is almost lost.

As with most coastal cities in Oslo Aker Brygge quay is the main street and a favorite place of leisure. There was once a shipyard located, and today area is built up plenty of restaurants, from the windows of which visitors can enjoy the beautiful view of the bay.

The main attraction of Oslo - Nobel Peace Center. Nobel Peace Prize every year attracts attention to the small Oslo. The collections of this center is a history of the planet's most prestigious award, as well as her biography of the famous creator Alfred Nobel.

The architecture of the Scandinavian countries is not such a diverse and vibrant, such as Italy and France. Northern monarchs did not need the approval of their power by means of the most beautiful palaces. Therefore, the architectural ensemble of Oslo is quite modest. But do not think that in a city you can get bored, on the contrary, the northern capital is famous for its original sculptures and monuments. For example, the City Hall, the main administrative building of Norway, is a fountain with a pointing finger. This famous monument glove, which is associated with distant events of the 17th century. By giving information, this is now the monument, King Christian threw his glove in a sign that it was here to lay the city.

At the weekend the streets of the capital are empty, half the population takes and goes skiing in the mountains. After just ten minutes drive from the center - and you're on this mountain resort. Norwegians just love to travel, so that people with travel backpacks can meet you anywhere in Norway.

The heat in this harsh region, on the border with the North Pole, brings the warm Gulf Stream. Due to the unique natural heating in Norway some islands always remain green. And on the west coast of the country did not happen frost here even tropical flowers, and swim along the shore of large schools of fish.

The unhurried pace of life Oslo clearly visible on the wide boulevards of the city and the waterfront. There is no large crowds, no crowds and bustle, and the surrounding of magnificent scenery set to a measured half-provincial harmony, half of city life, and this can only be seen in Oslo. 

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