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Disneyland: A journey into a fairy tale

Disneyland: A journey into a fairy tale

What could be more wonderful fairy tales? Where everything is possible, everything is real, all your dreams come true, and good always wins. When the most important and visionary magician of all time, Walter Disney was planning to create a unique amusement park, he set himself a fantastic time for the task. Every visitor to this park was a dip in the fairy-tale atmosphere and incredible adventures, forget for a while about the problems and become a child. It was supposed to be a wonderful country with its sights and the people - a character created by Disney. Fortunately for all of us the idea of genius storyteller managed to bring to life. And July 17, 1955 in California opened the world's first Disneyland.

Over time, similar amusement parks emerged in Miami, Tokyo and the surrounding area of Paris. Eurodisneyland - the most popular and most visited attraction in Europe. By purchasing a ticket, you get into the fabulous world of Walt Disney, at the same time so real and so fantastic. All the guests for many years are greeted unchanged phrase: "Welcome! Disneyland - it's your country. " Incidentally, the adult is three times greater than children.

Symbol Disneyland - Sleeping Beauty Castle - located in the heart of the park. The castle abut five thematic blocks: Pier Pirates, Texas outpost, the fantasy, and the unknown island village of Disney. On its streets with souvenir shops, bars, restaurants, cinemas and even a disco, a bowling club and a golf course.

Unknown island will surprise you with its incredible scenery: blue lakes, forbidding rocks and steaming volcano. A ride on a steam train on its territory, with the head you will plunge into an adventure in the spirit of Indiana Jones will visit the mysterious caves and mines, to feel the spray of the waterfalls themselves and will sweep through the wild jungle.

Texas District outpost - a real military fortress with a ring of wood the fortifications, battlements, cannons and sheriff's cabin. Here, guests are greeted by cowboys offering to shoot a Colt revolver and, along with the Indians, you can make a fire and sit in a traditional tepee. The whole atmosphere is impregnated with the spirit of the quarter and the Wild West adventure in Western Riding.

Favorite place all the boys - pirate dock, moored at which a real pirate ship under white sails. Its mast is important pacing Captain Hook, looking through a telescope, and on board is waiting his orders loyal team. Seen near a small island, which is waiting for her fairy Peter Pan. In this quarter you can visit not only the ship, but also have fun at this pirate junket.

To look into every corner of this magical country that stretches across an area of nearly 2,000 acres, you'll need a few days. And if you have the opportunity, right at Disneyland can rent a room in a hotel, completely plunged into the world of your favorite fairy tales of childhood.

At least for a brief moment to make life brighter, more varied, richer, and the main thing is fabulous - that's the main idea of a magical land of Disney. 

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