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Magic of Mont Saint-Michel

Magic of Mont Saint-Michel

In the north-west coast of France, there is an island often referred to as the eighth wonder of the world. Each year, Mont Saint-Michel welcomes more than three million tourists and pilgrims. It is one of the most popular attractions in France.

Only here you can see most rapid and powerful in Europe rise and fall of the tide. Water suddenly departs from the rocky coast of Mont Saint-Michel up to 18 kilometres and only quicksand, mud and boulders surround the island. At full sea, the water is coming back: white sea foam is rapidly covering the dry bottom at a speed of 6 kilometres per hour. The coming water rise up to 14 metres – a record height of the tide in Europe. This is the best time to visit Mont Saint-Michel – wonders of nature create an unforgettable sight.

In the height of summer, several thousand tourists come to the island. It stands to reason that in the crowd it is difficult to enjoy the peace and charm of medieval buildings and the monastery. Therefore you are well advised to visit Mont Saint-Michel in the early morning, so you could enjoy the silence of the sun rise in this magical corner of the world. Only one road – Grande Rue – leads from the main gate to the inland where the monastery of the Benedictine monks is located. On both sides of Grande Rue, you can see old houses of the 15th century, hotels and restaurants decorated according to ancient traditions. A morning walk here can bring you an incredible pleasure.

Close to the midday, the island becomes especially crowded – every 5-10 minutes tourist buses come to the island. At this hour, to avoid the crowd, it is better to visit one of local cafes or restaurants, they often offer not only tasty cuisine, but also a magnificent view of the bay from their terraces. In the heart of Mont Saint-Michel, the famous restaurant La Mère Poulard is situated. Here you can sample a delicious omelette cooked on wood with Breton butter. It is the highlight of the restaurant famous for its secret recipes.

After enjoying the magical sight and local cuisine, you are advised to stay for a night in one of local hotels. A night spent on the island you’ll never forget. In the evening, when most tourists leave the island, you can leisurely stroll around the abbey and enjoy the magical beauty of the sunset. At night, Mont Saint-Michel is illuminated with a myriad of stars – the night sky is fantastic.

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