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Named the top 10 attractions in Amsterdam

Named the top 10 attractions in Amsterdam

Each year, about 5 million tourists come to see the capital of the Netherlands. Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations. It is rich in historical sites and modern museums, among which the Museum of marijuana and hashish. Of course, in such a variety of easy to get lost tourists, they may not have time to visit the major attractions of Amsterdam. And after all these remarkable places reflect the history, customs and unusual atmosphere of the capital. Summing up the number of visits in Amsterdam determine which attractions are most popular with travelers.

So, the first place - the Van Gogh Museum. It contains the world's largest collection of famous impressionist. More than 200 paintings on display in the halls, in chronological order, starting with the earliest works that Van Gogh painted in dull Holland, and ending with the last - the most successful of his paintings. Crossing the threshold of the museum, tourists get into the wonderful world of Van Gogh paintings with its yellow sunflowers and purple-blue irises.

The second most popular is Vondelpark - a favorite vacation spot Dutch. It is the largest park in Amsterdam, divided the territory into 47 hectares. Its tree-lined avenues, magnificent fountains, small lakes, green meadows attract millions of tourists. There is also its attractions - kinomuzey, open-air theater, sculpture by Picasso and Vondelpark.

Third place goes to the State Museum. It attracts tourists masterpieces by Rembrandt, Vermeer, Frans Hals, Pieter de Hoch and many other brilliant artists. The total length of 1.5 kilometers of galleries.

Suddenly, the fourth place went to The Anne Frank House. A touching story of a young Jewish girl who hid from the Nazis with her ​​family in narrow dungeons, annually attracts up to a million tourists.

Fifth place - the City Museum (Stedelek). He is often referred to as the home of contemporary fine arts. After a lengthy reconstruction of the museum reopened in September 2012. It houses the largest collection of paintings by Kazimir Malevich. In addition, the fund of the museum collected many paintings by Marc Chagall, Wassily Kandinsky, Henri Matisse, Chaim Soutine, Pieter Cornelis Mondrian, Jackson Pollock and other masters of the brush.

Royal Palace of Amsterdam took the sixth position. Tourists come here to look at the numerous tapestries, chandeliers, Italian marble, beautiful frescoes on the ceilings. It is the most prominent architectural sites in the capital.

In seventh place, "ten" was the Rembrandt House Museum. Here the artist lived and worked for many years. The museum is kept 260 etchings by the artist.

Landmark Nivekerk, which translated means "New Church", took the eighth position. However, despite its name, it is the oldest building in Amsterdam. Her appearance Historians refer to 1408. Here were all the royal wedding and coronation. Now the building is used for art and cultural exhibitions.

On the penultimate, ninth place was the Concertgebouw. Everyone whom fate has thrown in Amsterdam, trying to visit this extraordinary concert. All attracts superb acoustics of the building. Free half-hour concerts are held here every Wednesday at 12:30 pm, from mid-September to the end of June.

And closes the top ten most major attractions of Amsterdam Begijnhof abode. The community of Catholic sisters - Beguines lived closed, separated from the city by high walls. Therefore, over time, there formed an independent town with its tiny houses. Crossing the threshold of Begijnhof, the tourists themselves in the atmosphere of early Middle Ages. 

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