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Shopping Tourism: Where to go and what to buy?

Shopping Tourism: Where to go and what to buy?

Lots of people like to travel, but they all have their own aims and goals of the trip. Some people want to see new places, to learn more about different cultures, to admire architectural masterpieces and to enjoy the beauty of the nature. Some people just look for a rest, for a quiet place just for a change of scene. But there are people who travel abroad to have an exciting hunting for smart shopping deals.

Nowadays travelling to the countries for doing shopping in local shops is one of the most popular kinds of tourism. By the way, this kind of tourism is rather ancient and appeared in primitive society. At that time people used to travel to exchange goods on barter conditions without money. Most people see shopping as a perfect way of changing the scene, improving their mood, having a rest of daily routine. Women adore it most of all. They like to walk slowly along fashionable shops and to purchase clothes they like.

Sociologists notice that shopping is one of the most important motives while choosing a trip destination. Even financial abilities to visit either boutiques or stock-shops don’t play a great role in this process. Shopping tourism is often combined with sightseeing and quiet resort rest. Most of shopping malls also provide lots of nice places for spending your time, such as cafes, cinemas, playgrounds for kids, etc.

Shopping tour geography is rather wide. The choice of a destination usually depends on the goods’ features, prices and shopping areas situated on the world map. There are some countries where one can do a good shopping in any season. This is China, for example. There are countries where it’s better to go shopping during the time of season sales. They are: Italy, France, Germany and Great Britain.

There are some places which are especially popular among tourists. Thus, Las Vegas is well-known not only as the head-quarter of gambling business, but also for its shopping centre Fashion Show Mall and a great number of boutiques. Such countries as Italy and France are visited for purchasing fashionable clothes of Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Gucci, Armani, Valentino and other brands. The greatest fashion capitals are Milano and Paris. Located in Milano 10 Corso Como shopping centre and Paris Galeries Lafayette known since 19th century are world famous.

Some people tend to visit Japan to purchase appliances and other techniques by reasonable prices. “You can find everything” in Greece, especially fur coats. In Turkey, people buy cheap clothes, leather and carpets. Tours to the UAE are popular as well. Appliances and techniques, fabrics, jewellery, fur are much cheaper here than in the countries of the European Union, and their design and quality respond to the highest standards. Dubai Mall is one of the best shopping malls in Dubai which offers variety of goods of all kinds to suit all tastes.

German shops attract people with their balance of reasonable prices and high standards. Tourists mostly concentrate here on jewellery, clothes, leather and furniture. Berlin shopping centre “Quartier 206” is known as “the World of Style”. In Switzerland, a great range of watches and exclusive jewellery are at customers’ disposal. People come to Israel to buy jewels and world-known cosmetics of the Dead Sea. In Spain, one can buy fabrics of unique design, jewellery and accessories.

It’s always a pleasure to have some souvenirs, fashion pieces and some unusual abroad goods to remember your bright holidays you once had. 

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