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A Quiet Rest in the Italian Countryside

A Quiet Rest in the Italian Countryside

For a long time, Italy has been a beloved destination for all the tourists due to its medieval architecture, splendid towns and cities, delightful cuisine and bright carnivals. But, there’s also another side of Italian life – its countryside. Quiet and still. Thousands of tourists tired of busy city life tend to enjoy the living in silent Italian villages. It is the best solution for a family rest with kids.

Though all these villages look similar for the first sight, you’ll find the unique beauty of each when travelling around them. For example, a trip to the small village of Borghetto situated in Veleggio sul Mincio commune of Veneto region can be a real trip to past. Borghetto is located on picturesque banks of the Mincio River. A lot of medieval mills have been preserved here. Scaligero Castle is towering on the hill surrounded by that beauty. This village looks fairy in any season of the year. But in autumn it looks especially romantic and mysterious due to its fogs.

Tourist infrastructure is well-developed in this area, there are some shops and cafes. You can taste traditional cuisine and incredible Italian desserts in local restaurants which stand right above the water. There are also some very unique hotels. The modern guest house Le Finestre su Borghetto designed in the classical style is famous for its terraces with a fantastic river view. You can also book a room in an old mill in Il Borghetto Vacanze nei Mulini, located right on the river’s edge. But if there are no free rooms in Borghetto, you can stay in Verona, which is only half an hour drive from it.

Liguria is also a very beautiful district. Colletta di Castelbianco is an ancient settlement dated by the 13th century, located in the Maritime Alps not far from Italian Riviera. In 1990, the village was renewed with the saving of medieval spirit and charm of stone buildings. Colletta di Castelbianco is a unique place, which attracts tourists with its fantastic mountain sceneries. You can stay in one of small hotels. From the rooms of Hotel Ristorante da Gin you can have a fantastic view on the Alps. As the village is situated in the mountain area, it’s better to use car, not bike, to get to any place you wish.

For those who desire to try best of the Italian cuisine, Toscana is the right destination. Among its villages, one of the most famous medieval places is Montefioralle. It has been perfectly preserved. Its first buildings started to appear around the walls of Castello di Montefioralle. In the Middle Ages, this settlement was one of the biggest military and administrative towns. Those times, the castle and all the lands nearby belonged to rich families, among them was also the family of Amerigo Vespucci. Historians think the famous traveller lived here at the end of 1400s. Nowadays, Montefioralle is a beloved destination of young people, lovers and foodies. Toscana has always been popular for its cuisine. You can taste delightful pasta with wild boar meat or an appetizing beefsteak Florentine. Besides, Toscana has gained fame for its wine.

The life of Italian countryside is filled with birds’ singing, leaves rustle, and cosy homeliness. Come here to enjoy the beauty of nature and fantastic sceneries, to taste traditional Italian food cooked by a caring hostess. And a thoughtful host will open up a bottle of his best wine for you.

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