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Dordogne – the land of foie gras

Dordogne – the land of foie gras

Any land can boast with its cuisine and inspire a gourmet to make an unforgettable trip around it. But France is probably the only country, where even a casual tourist can become a real gourmet. The local cuisine is fulfilled with amazing delicates: airy croissants, delicate truffles, fragrant wine, spicy sauces… There are plenty of fantastic dishes which can drive anyone crazy. But France itself has its own unique corner which can be called “the Land of Foie Gras” – it is Dordogne.

The province is famous for its nature, green woods, lovely French villages and more than a thousand medieval castles. The best way of travelling around Dordogne is to travel by car. Local roads run through the most picturesque landscapes. While driving along the popular routes you can stay at any place you like, as this area offers a wide range of hotels to fit every taste. Besides, when travelling by car you’ll be able to visit famous duck & goose farms and to purchase the original French delicacy.

Geese and ducks play an important role in the menu of Dordogne, that’s why there’re so many farms of such kind in the province. As a rule, you can find a small shop next to the farm, where both prepared and raw foie gras can be purchased. The farms’ owners are usually friendly and hospitable people always glad to host tourists. If you’re not in a hurry, ask the owners to organise an excursion round the farm.

To make the dish extremely tasty and gentle, liver should be very fat. For this purpose, local farmers provide gavage feeding. Gees should be fed with corn during several months. Full birds move less and become very fat, at the same time their liver grows rapidly. By the way, foie gras gained its popularity at the times of King Louis XVI, when goose liver pate became one of the favourite dishes of the high society. Before that, foie gras was just a casual dish served by Dordogne farmers every day and for holidays.

Dordogne is also popular with other delicacies, such as rare black truffles or goat cheese. Chestnuts and walnuts used for excellent oil production are also worth to be tasted. These and other masterpieces of the local cuisine you can taste in any restaurant on your way through Dordogne.

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