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Venice: a fairy tale, surrounded by water

Venice: a fairy tale, surrounded by water

For those who do not believe in fairy tales, it is necessary to go to Venice. To those who believe - even more so. This city - a beautiful fairy tale, to become a reality. At the very name of his enchanting sound of the string magic. Match for the title and appearance of the city, is almost unchanged for the past five centuries, and floating on the waves of urban life. 

The city center is situated on 118 islands. In the narrow streets you can move only on foot or by bike. Place roads and traffic jams occupy 150 channels, space vehicles - motor boats, which is the farm every Venetian family, water buses - the vaporetto, barges or boats. And the most fabulous view of transport - gondolas, cute creates an indescribable atmosphere of the past. Legend has it that once upon a time a girl and a boy in love could not find a place in Venice for privacy. Then they helped month - has turned into a gondola on which lovers and swam all night. So there were these beautiful Venetian boats, which deftly controlled by one oar brave gondoliers. In the words of Russian poet Mikhail Lermontov, "icy evening tide barely makes a noise under the gondola oars and repeats sounds Barcarolle." Now, however, the "sea cabs" is no longer sing their famous songs, but can arrange live music. 

The canals are lined up imperishable beauty of embankments, churches, mansions, museums, the Palazzo Dandolo, Grassi, Ka'Pezaro, Loredan palazzo, Palazzo Barbarigo. Much of the city is connected with the name of St. Mark - the patron saint of Venice. In the main city square of San Marco is the Doge's Palace - the symbol of the Venetian Republic in its heyday, the former residence of the Venetian rulers. This beautiful building in the Gothic style, with a brilliantly decorated with gilt halls, with sculptures and paintings by Tintoretto, Veronese, Tiepolo, Titian. Nearby is the magnificent Cathedral of St. Mark, combining the styles of Western European and Byzantine architecture. Close to the bell tower, the building of the library, Piazzetta with granite pillars. Impressive medieval Rialto Bridg, an arch bridge of Sighs and the magnificent palace Ka'Redzoniko . 

Tale of Venice - this carnival extravaganza with participants in medieval garb and mysterious masks, film festivals and biennials that are coming celebrities from around the world. Known worldwide Venetian lace and art glass and mosaics. Venice showed the world the excellent mirrors, chandeliers admirable, fine jewelry from beads, it has made ​​a great contribution to the development of art and the world of the fashion industry. 

City Museum of Art, the city of bridges (about 400), a dream city! Lapping of the waves and the smell of the sea, shine and luster, the echo of ancient Rome and Byzantium, the romance and the urge to create. It worked dozens of prominent composers, artists, poets and writers. Venice offered their line, William Shakespeare, Ernest Hemingway, Anna Akhmatova, Alexander Blok, Thomas Mann, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Boris Pasternak. 

This amazing city is beautiful in any season and any time of day. In bright sunshine window decoration majestic palaces seem to mirror frame of water, and in the evening, immersed in silence, Venice shimmering set of lights, creating an atmosphere of fairy magic. 

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