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Where In The UK Is Worth Visiting Beyond London?

Are you planning to visit the UK soon but don’t know much about this fabulous country besides its capital city? There are many places in the UK that are worth visiting besides London. In fact, the list of charming towns and regions is so long that it’s hard to make a choice.


From the majestuous landscapes of Scotland to the neat, charming atmosphere of university towns like Oxford and Cambridge, you’ll find many interesting places, whether you’re an amateur of fine arts, hiking, sightseeing and, of course, good food. Making use of an effective UK trip planner will be essential as you balance travelling around the UK with sightseeing. Here’s a list of the must-see places in the United Kingdom.


Cambridge And Oxford

The two names are synonymous with history and academic excellence. Oxford and Cambridge are two university towns that are well worth a visit. Indulge in a Harry Potter style guided-tour in Cambridge, and marvel at the refined architecture all around. In Oxford, you might as well do some punting, which is a tour in a small boat on the river Cam.  

Both of these towns can also boast very exciting nightlife, and they are a must-do stop for anyone travelling through England.



Whatever you do, don't go tell a Welsh man that he is English! Habitants of the region pride themselves on their rich historical heritage, a vast choice of churches and cathedrals and also Wales's main city Cardiff, known for its hospitality that compensates for bad weather. 

Wales also has a lot of cliffs, like in Swansea or Tenby, and every one of these magical places is easily accessible by car or bus. You can wander the region during the day and enjoy Cardiff's vibrant nightlife. Wales is probably the best choice if you're looking for a holiday not too far from London.



We could write a full article about Scotland and still not scratch the surface, as this region of the country is full of eclectic cities and stunning landscapes. You should start with Edinburgh, Scotland’s Capital City, which is full of museums and churches. Apart from the magnificent Edinburg’s Castle, you should walk up to Calton Hill to enjoy a breathtaking view of the city. 

From Edinburg, visiting the rest of the region is a must, as the territory is filled with cliffs, national parks and lakes. You might also get a chance to see the famous Loch Ness Monster, and if not, you can enjoy Scotland’s finest whisky on the road.


Brighton Beach

Only an hour South of London, you can access Brighton Beach by train and enjoy the best of the UK’s coastal experience. Bright is a place like no other, and the sun regularly shines on these sandy beaches. The town is famous for its youth culture and sheer fun. Don’t miss out on Brighton if you want a beach holiday and if you need to get away from London’s frantic lifestyle for a few days. 

If you plan to visit the UK, it would be wise to register with the National Trust, which will give your discounts on museum visits amongst many other advantages.



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