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The Blessed Land of Sri Lanka

The Blessed Land of Sri Lanka

The land of Sri Lanka lay in South Asia not far from the Hindustan coast. For a long time, it was known as Ceylon, a Buddhist religious centre, exotic corner of the world, and the place of endless tea plantations. This land washed by the Indian Ocean has a very interesting history and even more interesting real life.

Sri Lanka is situated close to the equator, so it has all features of a tropical island. The citizens of Sri Lanka often say that they know three colours only: blue colour of the sky and the ocean, yellow colour of the sand on endless beaches, and green colour of tropical plants. The beauty of the local scenery can surprise even experienced travellers. Coconut trees, palms, absolute silence and the Indian Ocean – this is what Sri Lanka is.

Most citizens of the island are Buddhists, that’s why this corner of the Earth is fulfilled with the atmosphere of peace and placidity. Wherever you are, in a noisy market or at the centre of the town, you feel the atmosphere of calmness. By the way, beside Buddhist temples there’re some Christian cathedrals, Hindu temples and Muslim mosques. The Ceylonese respect other religions.

Colombo is the centre of Sri Lanka with the population of 672 thousand people. All tourists, who wish to visit Sri Lanka, come here, because the only international airport in the country is situated in this city. Colombo is a typical Asian city with its noisy crowd, endless markets and traffic jam. You won’t find interesting attractions there, that’s why after landing you are advised to go to the coast, where luxury hotels and pure water of ocean wait for you. However, you won’t see many tourists lying in the sun. Most people come here for adventures and active rest.

There are very few cities in Sri Lanka. The country mostly consists of small villages situated right in the jungle. But if you travel inside the island, you’ll see elephants, snakes, abandoned villages, legendary snake-charmers, tea plantations and ancient temples.

Famous Sri Lanka resort Bentota is situated only an hour’s drive from Colombo. Its white sand beaches, luxury five-star hotels and coconuts for breakfast attract tourists from all over the world. You can live ether in a hotel or rent a villa on the very Ocean shore.

Whale safari is very popular among tourists. Pure water of Sri Lanka coast is considered to be the best place for such attraction. Whale safari is a fantastic sight indeed. Up-to-date equipment is there to help in finding whales in the sea. A boat or yacht goes to the pointed place. Every 15 minutes these giant animals broach to breathe. So, they can be easily seen from the boat.

Another interesting attraction is jeep-safari. You can go on a trip to wild savannah to see terrestrial animals, elephants going to watering-place, for instance.

Clean air and lots of emotions… After such trip you’ll definitely get hungry! In local hotels, you can order an exclusive dinner on the ocean shore. This option is available for a wide range of travellers. Traditional dishes on the island are rice, baked fish and other seafood.
Sri Lanka is a place, where you can enjoy virgin nature, find adventures and spend fantastic holidays!

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