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Amazing Galapagos Islands

Amazing Galapagos Islands

In the vast Pacific Ocean there is a place like no one else - the volcanic islands of the Galapagos Archipelago. They inhabit the unique black sea lizards, little penguins, living thousands of miles away from the Antarctic, and giant tortoises.

Galapagos - the island born of fire. Development of life in these places was the emergence in isolation unique flora and fauna. Here is how the tropical flora and fauna, and the Antarctic: vines and mosses, Galapagos penguins and parrots, tropical birds and Antarctic seagulls, dolphins and seals. Therefore, these places are so attracted scientists from all over the globe. And travelers come here to witness the fantastic world of the Galapagos analogs which can not be seen anywhere else in the world.

Only in the Galapagos live real dragons - marine iguanas. Here you can also meet tortoises that weigh up to 500 kilograms. In their massive bodies accumulate so much fat that this kind of turtle can go without food for almost a year. Having been here 200 years ago, Charles Darwin made ​​a startling discovery, which is known worldwide as the theory of evolution.

In January to the coasts of islands suitable for warm and Galapagos literally transformed. At this time, the island of flowers all the colors of the rainbow and green color becomes saturated such that it wants to touch and even taste. Galapagos National Park is protected by UNESCO for many years and is considered the main natural attractions of Ecuador.

The archipelago consists of 13 fairly large islands and many small ones that can reach several square meters. The most populous and homely considered Santa Cruz, on the island of well-developed tourist infrastructure. Puerto Ayora - Galapagos main town, near which there are such interest as a research center of Charles Darwin, lava caves, a breeding center for giant tortoises and beautiful beach of Tortuga Bay. Coastal waters of the island are perfect for skiing on yachts, boats, kayaks, as well as for diving. Clear waters of the Pacific Ocean provide good visibility under water and coral reefs provide an opportunity to get acquainted with the unique underwater world of the island. Diving to a depth of 20 meters, you can see dolphins, whale sharks, sea lions and seals. There are also hammerhead shark, and if you're lucky, you can see the sea giants - whales.

To see the beauty of the Galapagos Islands, go to the sea cruise! You can stay in cozy coves and discover new lands. After the archipelago differ from each other, next to the green oasis can be located lifeless wasteland. For example, the island of San Salvador and Bartholomew are the exact opposite of green and affable Santa Cruz. The coastal zone of the two islands is composed entirely of stones and rocks of volcanic origin. Planting on the island of San Salvador, you feel like a pioneer unseen lands that have not yet inhabited by people. But his underwater world full of life. With coastal cliffs can watch sharks and manta amazing that the birds soaring in ocean waters.

On the islands of care that the nature of the Galapagos is preserved in its original form, so tourists are strictly prohibited to export anything, even a very small scale objects. The only thing you can take away from here, it's a lot of pleasant memories and fantastic experiences! 

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