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Prague unique face of romance

Prague unique face of romance

For centuries, Prague is revered as one of the most beautiful and romantic places in the world. Wisdom and youthful lightness, amazing harmony of nature and architecture, "Czech melodious voice weasel" - out of all this is born romantic, elevated mood, which generously gives to Prague. At any time, in its own beautiful her magnificent palaces, Gothic castles, historic houses, elegant bridges, towers arrows. 

Here you can enjoy your time together truly memorable weekend getaway or honeymoon. Always worth a stroll through the centuries through the cobbled streets of the Old Town, admire the magnificent Tyn Church at the Old Town Square, exquisite architecture, the town hall with the famous Astronomical Clock, hear touching stories of love from different eras. You can look at the Wenceslas Square and stand by the equestrian statue of St. Wenceslas - a favorite place of Prague residents of meetings and visits. Around here labored met and walked outstanding Beethoven and Rodin, Mozart and Hasek, Tchaikovsky and Franz Kafka, Dostoevsky, and Neruda. 

Through the beautiful Vltava river half a kilometer paved unique Charles Bridge, which is framed by a beautiful gallery of statues. There are breathtaking views "of songs and chestnut leaves." Here, everything is permeated with romance, lovers enjoy meeting here sunrise and creative personalities to make exercise. "Carlo" artists will paint your portrait, and musicians will perform favorite piece. Under the bridge is the Kampa Island - one of Prague's most beautiful places. The houses are so close to the river, as if growing out of the water. Unusual emotions bring festivities along pretty raznotsvetya local houses, close to Prague's centuries-lanterns. On the railing of a small bridge lovers hang locks as symbols of strong unbreakable love. Finally, what could be more romantic evening stroll on the boat on the Vltava! This will be remembered for a long time and will warm the heart of pleasant memories. 

On the left bank of the river is a medieval castle - Prague Castle. It was founded in the 9th century by Prince Bořivoj. Romantics will satisfy the majestic 124-meter St. Vitus Cathedral, an art gallery with works by Titian and Rubens and covered with legends Loretta's famous temple bells chime. Must go through the old Zlata street where you will find an endless series of small, toy-like, two-story multi-colored 16th-century houses. In such a house at number 22 there once was a famous writer Franz Kafka. Evening promenades along the quiet streets of the city, numerous cafes with a cozy atmosphere and great coffee flavor, wonderful panoramic views of the city at night, from which simply breathtaking! It is felt everywhere a special romantic elation. 

Organic part of the romance of Prague - its numerous well-kept gardens. Petrin Hill will delight thousands of flowering cherries and roses, and a statue of the Czech romantic poet Karel Hynek Macha for decades are in love. Legend has it that if you are here to confirm their love with a kiss, it will not last forever. The peaceful silence Palace Gardens, Lesser, breathing romance Vrtbovska garden, man-made Wallenstein garden with a greenhouse and a pond. Prague garden art is often compared to the music, and the gardens are often weddings. 

Golden Prague attracts like a magnet. Here, everyone can get a sense of "my Prague" to find a place that would become his close and so clear. This city can remain forever in your soul, in such a city will want to come back! 

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