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New gourmet tour of Vietnam

New gourmet tour of Vietnam

Welcome to Vietnam! Wide beaches, alluring secret lagoons, many islands and archipelagos, tropical rainforests and majestic mountains, ancient temples and civilizations unknown, of course, the unique Vietnamese cuisine.

Interestingly, for each region of the country is characterized by its style food. In the south clearly seen culinary trends of India and Thailand. Residents of the northern part of Vietnam prefer soups and roasts. But in the central part of the country preserved ancient traditions gourmet kitchens often complicated recipes that require cooking for his more than one hour.

New gourmet tour offers travelers acquainted with local food southeastern part of the country. Hue City - an important economic, cultural and tourist center of Vietnam. It is located in the historical province Thyathen-Hue, 15 km from Phu Bai International Airport. It survived over thousands of recipes exclusively hyueskih dishes, including a huge number of special royal dishes Nguyen Dynasty. Hue chefs emphasize on quality rather than quantity, which is especially nice for tourists.

The tour, which offers most of the resort hotels Hue, includes a visit to the most popular street cafes where the locals eat. All meals and drinks are included in the price and cost of such five-hour tour of the most delicious places in the city - about 68 dollars. For the money you can sample six meals, snacks and plenty of seafood. It is noteworthy that for all meals Vietnamese cuisine is characterized by an unusual flavor Schisandra and mint.

The main attraction of the tour and pride are two dishes difficult to say the name "Tom Thit Cuomo" and "Bo Luk Lak." For their preparation used beef and shrimp. Other meals - a surprise for tourists, their list of hotels carefully kept secret, although it is known that for dessert at local restaurants serve rice cake - a true refinement of Vietnamese cuisine. Also offers enjoy a traditional noodle soup, rice and dry nerassypchatym dish "pho bo" - beef broth with noodles.

In addition, these dishes can be ordered in any outdoor cafe. By the way, in the portions are very generous local eateries, but extra pounds should not be afraid. For Vietnamese cuisine is characterized by minimal use of fats, the emphasis is on fresh vegetables, seafood, fish, fruit, flour products. Moderation - is the main principle for Vietnamese food.

Tour for gourmets is not just for you to acquaint them with the national cuisine, but also show the most welcoming, quiet places of the city. 

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