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Magic Prague

Magic Prague

Amazingly, by some magic of Prague has retained its unique historical heritage. The city more than 700 years, it has experienced fires, wars, epidemics, but was never destroyed and up to the present day came in its original form. The impressive and memorable long gothic architecture of Prague, the bas-reliefs of buildings, stone bridges. This amazing city fascinates tourists with its harmony that is felt everywhere: soft lines, landscape, medieval streets, squares and public gardens today.

A tour of the gold-domed capital of the Czech Republic's best to start with the world-famous landmark - the Prague Castle. Its territory, which occupies 45 acres, a monastery gardens, the royal palace, churches, headed by the St. Vitus Cathedral - the residence of the Archbishop of Prague. In the Prague Castle President works and lives Czech Republic , the entrance to the territory of his residence is free. Therefore, at any time, all full of tourists who stroll through the old town square, enjoy the masterpieces of architecture and sculpture, curiously glancing around. One gets the feeling that in the very air poured amazing magic of Prague.

Charles Bridge combines the Vltava river, which stretches and beautiful city. The bridge stands proudly above the blue waters for over 700 years. It consists of 30 sculptural groups, mostly depicting Catholic saints. However, there is also a statue of the founder - Roman Emperor Charles IV. Among the tourists are of the opinion that if your feet touch the statue and remember a wish, it will surely come. On the Charles Bridge appeared frequently strolling musicians, performing jazz and world music.

The majestic Cathedral of St. Nicholas - a real jewel in the crown of European Baroque. The Cathedral is decorated with two huge statues and beautiful ancient frescoes. It was here in 1746, gave a concert of genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Next to the church there is a lot of cafes. Be sure to stop at one of them and try the famous Prague beer and honey ribs. This unique combination of taste will impress even the most discerning palate!

After relaxing and enjoying the local food, be sure to go on a walking tour of the Lesser Town. This is a historic district of Prague, it is below the Prague Castle. From lookouts Lesser you will see luxurious hotels, posh restaurants and Gothic castles.

Wenceslas Square - another famous landmark in Prague and the center of the historic district of New Town. One of the most spacious squares in Europe Saint Wenceslas Square are often compared with the Paris Champs-Elysees. It is located a few dozen buildings, facades decorated with statues of famous statesmen of the country.

Prague can also be proud of the masterpieces of modern art. For example, the Dancing House. It is a creation of the famous American architect Frank Gehry. If you connect the imagination, then looking at this modern marvel of architecture, you can see the dancing couple. One part of the house symbolizes a male figure, and the other resembles a girl with a small waist, sticking to the shoulder of his beloved.

Prague fascinates everyone with its unique aura, its comfort and atmosphere of the past. 

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