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Walk around Lisbon and its surroundings

Walk around Lisbon and its surroundings

Do you want to plunge into the world of exciting marine adventure world of romance and discovery? Then we invite you to Lisbon , is the main port and capital of Portugal. The city is situated on the River Tagus, which flows into the Atlantic Ocean.

Portugal is considered to be the birthplace of the brave sailors, its history closely linked to the Age of Discovery. That is why in the center of Lisbon on the waterfront is a monument to the discoverers, led by Vasco da Gama. Many centuries ago this coast departed his first expedition, which opened new land for Europe - India. Here, on a large urban waterfront, next to the monument to the Discoveries worth principal symbol of Portugal - Belem Tower. It was built to protect the mouth tezhi and in peacetime the walls of the bastion residents met sailors who returned home after a successful travel.

A stroll along the beach, enjoy the views and the fresh sea breeze, go to the Monastery of Jeronimos (Jeronimos his second name). Monastery building is a national monument of Portugal and protected by UNESCO as a rare example of the Manueline style. In one of its halls before the first sailing to India by Vasco da Gama prayed. Here, a few years later, after becoming eminent explorer, Vasco found eternal rest.

From the monastery, you can get on the tram to the center of modern Lisbon, a popular area of Russia. By surrounding her magnificent mansion 17 and 19th centuries can safely assume that the area has always been a center of urban life. Here are the best cafes and restaurants of Lisbon, where you can enjoy traditional Portuguese cuisine. From the north area is framed by the National Theatre. On its steps at any time full of tourists wanting to capture the beautiful views, as seen here is another attraction of Lisbon - São Jorge Castle .

And now, in the strength and gain strength, walk through the pedestrian Rua Agushta, here you can buy souvenirs and see the handicrafts products. Street will lead directly to the Arc de Triomphe. It was erected after the terrible devastating earthquake in 1755. To recover faster from the ruins of the city, above the arch of the whole group worked best Portuguese architects and sculptors. Its facade is decorated with figures of historical figures, such as the Marquis of Pombal and Vasco da Gama, as well as allegorical images of Glory and Courage.
From here go to the lift Elevador di Santa Justa is the best sightseeing area of the city. A lift, like a bird, fly over Lisbon and admire the panorama of the old quarters, squares, waterfront, fishing schooners and coast beaches.

Ten kilometers from Lisbon is a popular tourist destination in Portugal - a small town of Estoril , famous for its mineral waters. Directly on the Atlantic Ocean lie the luxury villas of the rich Portuguese and modern hotels. This place is often referred to as the Lisbon Riviera. And no wonder, because it is very mild Mediterranean climate, characterized by slight variations in temperature. Therefore Portuguese capital is perfect for holidays at any time of year. 

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