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Underwater World Malta

Underwater World Malta

Malta - a small island nation located in the Mediterranean Sea. On its territory there are no lakes, rivers or underground freshwater source, so the vegetation on the island is quite poor. But the abundance of pure sea water and a variety of underwater world with more than compensates for this feature. So wanting to plunge into the exotic Malta every year it becomes more and more.

"Meet in Malta diver - it's like that in Austria, skier" - this proverb like to repeat and experienced divers coming to the island year-round, and the Maltese themselves. On the island of diving is growing in popularity with each passing year. And for good reason, because only here rocky beaches make underwater visibility of one of the best in the world - up to 50 meters. Furthermore, at the bottom of the Maltese archipelago also numerous species in these waters they are about 550 species. By the way, only here, diving to a depth of 10 meters, you can find a unique view of the slope, blennies, gobies and anchovy. There is in these waters and the usual sea urchins, eels, turtles, cuttlefish, starfish, which are hidden from prying eyes in a thick growth of coral.

The underwater world of Malta is interesting not only for beginners, but also professional divers. Caves, caves, wrecks - these are the favorite dive site off the coast of Malta. Here, in any dive center visitors are greeted with great warmth and a big smile. You podyschut outfit in size, dressed, warmed up, instruct, will help to resolve any issue and will push into the magical underwater world of the legendary island.

Newcomers primarily recommend to dive into the cave Priluna, its depth is small, only 13.5 m Although if you want you can dive in and all 20 if swim to the bottom of the grotto. Degree of difficulty of the dive - a short, but a passage in the cave is quite narrow and we must be very careful. Any movement of the fin rises from the mud, which greatly impairs the visibility under water. After passing the tunnel, the diver is in the open waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Here, good lighting, so you can look around and start dating with the local inhabitants, who are happy to take treats from the hands of divers.

For beginners, this dive will take a lot of impressions, but experienced divers can become boring. So for fans of extreme sports offer a trip to the British destroyer "Maori". He sank, however, is not where is now. But here it is towed by removing guns, and forever having registered at the bottom of the bay St. Elmo Bay at a depth of 15 meters. Despite the large amount of silt at the bottom of the visibility is good. Therefore, we can easily examine the wreckage of a mighty ship and admire the way the metal is now firmly held together with underwater vegetation. If desired, you can visit inside the ship. To get here is quite easy: either through a narrow hole in the board, or through deck hatch. Of course, this includes many of the scares, and the picture inside is not happy variety. If this is your first dive, the abundance of the heart and the adrenaline rush is guaranteed.

Who has ever been scuba diving, will not be able to forget this amazing sense of peace and inner freedom, which is pushing to new depths and conquer new underwater areas.

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