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TOP carnivals of the world: extravaganza of colors and emotions

TOP carnivals of the world: extravaganza of colors and emotions

Carnivals have appeared long ago, in the days of ancient Rome. The first carnival was held during a holiday in honor of the Roman god Saturn land and crops. There were times when carnivals were banned for many years. Today grand costumed performances take place in dozens of places in the world and there are millions of tourists come from around the world. This vibrant festivals, during which serious respectable people can afford to carelessness and a return to childhood. Each of the famous carnival has its own unique flavor. 

Carnival in the streets of Rio de Janeiro is famous for incendiary Latin rhythms of samba, brilliance and insanity paints. Drumbeat, loud music to the audience are pretty mind-blowing pyshnotelye dancers costumes, dances and contests held concerts. The mayor hands over the keys of the city elected by the citizens of King Carnival. For a whole week the beaches and streets are filled with carnivals and balls. 

New Orleans is famous for not only the fact that it originated jazz, but also a colorful carnival called "Fat Tuesday." Procession in costume proudly marches through the streets of the French Quarter of the city, half-naked girls in chariots thrown into the crowd colorful beads, toys, carnival coins. At the head of the column - carnival king and queen. Audience seats take 10-12 hours before the start of the performance. 

Masks, historical costumes, scenery, gondola rides - all Venetian Carnival. He almost thousand-year history, there will gladly follow the traditions that arose in the Middle Ages. Ten days half a million tourists from around the world can hide their faces behind any mysterious masks. On the main square of San Marco and the streets are the dancers, musicians, magicians. In the magnificent Venetian palaces are parties and balls which participants dressed in ancient costumes. This is a real fairy tale in an unusually beautiful city! 

Flowers and dolls in the spotlight at the carnival Cote d'Azur, Nice. On the main streets are "living dolls", passing chariots decorated with flowers, brass bands playing, the crowd showered with rose petals. Do not be surprised or angry if you'll hang here noodles on the ears of the aerosol can - it's just a local carnival tradition. Fun entertainment in the French Riviera are from mid-February to early March. 

Special "fifth season" is called in Germany Cologne Carnival. Here in festive procession participate spirits, ghosts and figures prominent politicians from the papier-mache. Fun from morning till night, barrels of beer and sausages pounds. Women in costumes of witches get the keys from the mayor of the town hall at night and become masters of the city. They have the right to kiss strange men to paint their lipstick invite beer and cut their ties. Men who do not want to part with their wardrobe, selected solely on the street in ties made ​​from paper. Viewers endows tons of candy. 

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