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On vacation with kids

On vacation with kids

Ahead of the long-awaited New Year's holiday weekend. And that means it's time to go on vacation happy family. Incidentally, skiing - the perfect solution that will not only benefit the health, but also to divert time all family members on computers and laptops.

However, many parents refuse trips to winter resorts precisely because children do not have anyone to leave. And, as it turned out, it is in vain. Experts say that skiing can stand confidently, even a child of three, although considered optimal for learning age of 6 years. In addition, the ski resorts of your favorite child can do anything: walk through the snowy woods and fabulously beautiful, sledding, snowmobiling, cableway or dogsled. The main thing when choosing a travel necessarily ask whether in this location trails for children.

So buy the tickets, pack your bags and go safely with children in a winter wonderland. And we'll tell you what resorts are considered to be the most adaptable and comfortable for the entire family.

For example, in Austria there are two ski resorts that meet all the requirements of a fruitful stay with the baby. In the Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis ski instructors ready to teach children skills with three years. To do this, here built a special area for skiing, snow parks, a maze of ice, lightweight trails and lifts for kids. And there are even some restaurants menus and baby food. Another advantage of the resort is that here you can easily find a place to sleep for the soul.

Second in popularity among couples with children is considered an Austrian ski center Angertal. Then look forward to schoolchildren of all ages. Instructors claim that in six days will teach any child to ride even better parents. Kids can be left on the year in kindergarten or at the ski school under the supervision of professional trainers and instructors.

In France the best skiing place for a family vacation is considered to be the village of Morillon. The resort was awarded a special prize Famille Plus, which once again confirms its relevance and leadership position. For teaching beginners in Morillon created a children's playground with light trails, flying low-speed descents and special lifts. For parents, here represented by 15 ski slopes of medium difficulty. A gourmet will surprise a lot of restaurants with traditional French delights and European cuisine. Morillon resort guests can be accommodated in the small cozy hotels.

Additional ski resorts in Norway is better to stop your choice on Hemsedal. On its territory there are just two ski centers: Solheisen Skisenter and Hemsedal Skisenter. The most spacious in Norway for children's ski area is Solheisen Skisenter. It is ideal for learning the basics and testing first maneuvers on the descent. If your child get bored skiing, he can go to a children's park and frolic in the snow, take a ride on the carousel or sledging. For adults there are more than 50 different complexity slopes. With its superb location - in the mountains between Bergen and Oslo - Hemsedal ski season lasts for six months, from November to May, when a good spot nestled white veil.

Nature, fresh, frosty air, lots of emotions, adrenaline, new friends and a new hobby - be sure your child will be immensely happy! Spend Christmas vacation at a ski resort with your child. 

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