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Snowy Lapland

Snowy Lapland

This amazing country is the birthplace of Santa Claus, the Snow Queen, dwarves, elves and reindeer. Therefore, both adults and children come to Lapland in anticipation of Christmas miracles and magic. Only in the local airport you put paper in the form of Santa Claus, briskly walking on a planet with a bag of gifts. And from that moment travelers themselves in the atmosphere of bright, cheerful holiday.

Lapland is not a real state, its territory belongs to several states. Finnish Lapland is quite popular. She is known for its pristine forests and harsh winters with snow. Despite the fact that almost the entire region is located above the Arctic Circle, is pretty easy to get here. Please be flights to the capital of Finland , and then a few hours away by bus, and you - in the magical edge! Better to take a trip to the Euro currency and credit cards. Do not forget to put in your suitcase warm gloves, hat, scarf and a pair of sweaters - they will definitely come in handy.

Here comes the winter polar night, which lasts about 50 days. The sun hardly rises above the horizon, so in these parts and dark, day and night. But in the summer the sun shines all day, and the habit can even lose timelines.

The small town of Rovaniemi - the capital of Lapland. In the capital, you can visit the museum "Arktikum" representing the history of the peoples of the North. And the most famous landmark of Lapland is located 8 kilometers from Rovaniemi. Among the dense primeval forest is a village of Santa Claus , is the official residence of his. Christmas holidays here incredibly well: everywhere decorated fir home in garlands, and scurry back and forth on the street Santa's helpers in red peaked caps. Good magician Santa treats all passers sweets and delicious hot chocolate rolls guys on his reindeer sleigh and bake gingerbread.

Santa's residence on the territory of several shops with souvenirs, cafes and house of Santa Claus. His residence is a huge outdoor mechanism similar to a pendulum. Children believe that this amazing device slows the movement of the Earth and thus Santa for just one night can give gifts to all obedient children on the planet. Anyone can come to Santa to visit and talk to him, this service is free. But to be photographed with good magician, you will need to pay.

Near the village is another attraction of Finnish Lapland - Santa Park, carved into a huge rock. This underworld elves that adore children. The park has a School of elves, the magnificent palace of the Snow Queen and the magical train.

Vacationing in Lapland well in any season. Tourist built special hotel rooms with a transparent roof, which can be sitting by the fireplace, enjoy the northern lights. If your visit to Lapland fell exactly at the moment when there is no shine, do not worry, you can go to lodge aurora. Here, using a projector and mirrors, recreated this bewitching beauty of a natural phenomenon.

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