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Tips for Organizing a Watersports Holiday in Costa Rica

If you are already planning your next big adventure, and thinking about going on a watersports holiday to Costa Rica, there is more planning than you think!  It could be that you aren’t a seasoned traveler, or that you are fairly new to the water sports scene.  Here are some tips for you in terms of planning your trip away so it goes without a hitch.

Is it for a Special Occasion? 

Are you going away for a special occasion?  There are great businesses like Volcano Watersports that can create more personalized experiences for you. You can find more information at – if you are going away on a romantic getaway, a big trip with family or friends or celebrating - let them know.  You can even ask them to get some of your favorite foods and drinks for your event which they will do if possible.  Make sure you try and plan well in advance before going to ensure the best experience.


Decide on the Types of Water Sports you Want to Do 

The great thing about Costa Rica is that it is a world renowned destination for water sports, which means there is so much to choose from.  It could be that you want to experience something a little calm and peaceful, and want to check out kayaking and enjoy the beautiful ocean scenes - or it could be that you are a bit of an adrenaline junkie and want to do something like white water rafting.  There’s also pretty much everything in-between available including surfing, snorkeling and more.  Have a think about which of these you want to get under your belt before you go.


Do you Have the Right Equipment? 

Make a checklist of all of the equipment you might need in Costa Rica which will of course be dependent on the activities you are planning on doing. Do you have everything you need, or will you need to do a bit of shopping before you go?  Bear in mind that if it’s larger items that you may be renting when you get there.  There are also lots of surf shops on the sandy beaches of Costa Rica if you fancy treating yourself to something new.


Think about the Location 

Have a good think about the location of your trip.  For a watersports holiday, you may want to see what the accommodation is like nearby and if it looks to meet your requirements.  Also contemplate whether or not you’d like to be somewhere busy, or somewhere where that is more peaceful.  The great thing is, in Costa Rica, there are so many fairly remote locations where you can enjoy some business and lots of restaurants nearby - so you get the best of both worlds. 

If you are planning on an exciting trip to Costa Rica, then make sure you look into all of the above and put as much preparation in as you can before you go. 

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