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Amazing Malaysia

Amazing Malaysia

Old things and new things are combined in a very exotic way in Malaysia. Modern skyscrapers are situated right beside ancient temples, virgin nature, and gambling casinos. Even experienced travellers will be impressed. Excellent diving and surfing facilities, fantastic beaches, spa-centres, luxury hotels, tasty national cuisine and perfect service attract people from all over the world to this country.

A great part of the country (around 40%) occupies islands. There is more than a thousand of them. Such variety gives every tourist an opportunity to choose whatever he or she likes. Bright sun, blue sky, and azure sea are waiting for tourists all year round on Malay islands. Langkawi Island is the most favourite one. It has got the fame of the most beautiful and the most expensive Malaysian resort. There you can visit different thermal springs, an oceanarium, a crocodile farm, and the famous entertaining centre Genting Highlands. The centre is also called “Shangri-La”, meaning “paradise”. It really looks like paradise for those who like nightlife with its numerous entertainments. Casinos, clubs, restaurants, and concert halls, where different world stars take the stage every evening, work round the clock here.

The Malays know a lot about rest. That’s why they know how to combine the nature meditation with old massage culture. By the way, there is a plenty of different massage salons in the country. Most of all, the Malays like to rub feet. Scientists have proved that it is the most efficient way of massage because all the most important points of the human body responsible for viscera are located on feet. Malays are perfect masseurs, they know much about essential oils and aromatherapy. So, while visiting the country and going for different excursions around it, don’t forget to pamper yourself with spa procedures.

If you want to learn the country better, don’t forget to visit its capital city. Kuala Lumpur is the capital and the main centre of all spheres of life in the country: politics, trade, entertainment and international relationships. Petronas Twin Towers is the best known place of interest in the city. These two skyscrapers rise up to 452 meters. Each tower has 88 floors. The best viewing platform in the city is situated between the columns of the towers on the height of the 41st floor. From this platform, people can enjoy the breathtaking view of the city with its green oasis, old markets and ancient temples.

If you’re tired of rush you will easily find a quiet place with a lovely nature around you. And what is more important, such place can be found in the very centre of the capital city. Kuala Lumpur parks are ones of the most popular rest places nowadays. Beautiful Lake Gardens, which include a hibiscus garden, an orchid garden, a bird park, and a butterfly park, are known all over the world.

It’s common knowledge, that Malays are mad about flowers. One of the examples is trishaw wagons beautifully decorated with lots of flowers. The more flowers there are on the wagon – the wealthier its owner is. Trishaw is not only a comfortable way of travelling in Malaysia, but also a good source of information about all the places of interest and the history of the city.  

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