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Nice Cote d'Azur

Nice Cote d'Azur

Bright Zhemchuzhny the Côte d'Azur in France, Nice for centuries remained a beautiful city that has inspired poets and artists, composers and writers. Here liked to rest august persons, kings, members of the imperial family, members of the nobility.

Nice - the most popular resort in France. Her azure coast stretched from the Mediterranean Sea, on a picturesque territory of the French Riviera. Surprisingly, the first this paradise opened the British, who moved to Nice for the winter, enjoying the mild and pleasant climate. Their favorite spot was the city quay. By the way, thanks to the huge number of tourists arriving in England, the English embankment called. This is the heart of Nice, it was she who became famous azure resort in the world. It is difficult to believe that the luxury oceanfront boulevard that stretches along harmoniously the Bay of Angels, was just a couple of centuries ago, a narrow path along the sea. Today semikilometrovaya embankment built up villas, fine dining restaurants, expensive hotels and shops. This is a favorite place of tourists and locals.

City captivates with its beauty, it is often called the capital of the Côte d'Azur. Here, warm 300 days a year, so the French Riviera - the tourist route number 1, which is always relevant. Hotel booking coast admire its charming scenery, so varied palette of amazing colors and shades. The beauty of nature in Nice can enjoy forever! But if you need a new experience and food for the mind, you can visit the many museums resort. By their quantity city competes with Paris.

Currently, you can experience the charm of Nice, strolling through the streets of the old part of the city. Here, in spite of modernization, preserved medieval heritage and the smell of the Silver Age. In these neighborhoods lost the famous French street Cours Saleya, where since 1861 the market works. He is among the hundred most beautiful markets in France. Take a stroll along the stalls necessarily with fragrant flowers, delicious fruits, cheeses of different varieties, local sweets and fragrant fresh pastries. And on Tuesday, the market is filled with antiques, so fans of antiques here will be particularly interesting.

Nice can be proud of its own cathedral, a copy of the Paris Notre Dame. The towers of the Basilica of Notre-Dame tower at 65 meters and is visible from every corner of the city. Built the Basilica, unlike its namesake, not so long ago, in 1868. Today the cathedral is working like a hundred years ago, and on weekends curious tourists can observe its walls lush French wedding.

Democratic spirit of Nice attracts the coast completely different people. Equally feel free here and the tourists and residents, and strolling musicians. No one century city improved the entertainment industry, has honed the art of giving pleasure to amuse and amaze. Spirit of the holiday is simply inexhaustible. While other resorts all activities come to an end in October, then in Nice they continue throughout the year. In the evening, go to the Promenade des Anglais professional magicians, mimes, clowns, singers to entertain the audience. By his street action they are prepared very carefully, thinking through the drama and the script, so you can enjoy a good save on tickets to the theater and enjoy the street art.

Nobility and charm, beauty and sophistication - all of Nice, it is impossible to remember with indifference. Nice set up to bring forth strong feelings. 

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