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Spring in Bavaria

Spring in Bavaria

Flowering alpine meadows, pure lakes, fresh mountain air with spicy aroma of herbs, skyline of the majestic Alps, and amazing blue sky overhead. This is how one could describe spring in the southern part of Germany, in the vast lands of Bavaria. Local warm and dry climate favours early spring. Already in March, the average temperature in Munich, the capital of Bavaria, reaches up to 8-10° C, while night may be still quite cold. But with the first moment of daylight, the bright March sun brings spring to this blessed land again.

Talking about spring in Bavaria, you are well advised to start your journey at Mainau, an island located in Lake Constance, in the south-western part of Germany, next to Baden-Württemberg. The island is often referred to as Flower Island due to abundance of verdure and beautiful flowers. This beauty is made by the best gardeners of the Bernadotte Dynasty. Bernadotte family castle is located right on Mainau. The island is buried in verdure: palms, cacti, relict redwoods, cedars, huge diversity of species of tulips, daffodils and other flowers. You also can visit the garden of exotic butterflies, the Italian rose garden, and covered greenhouses for seasonal flowers and plants. In spring, the island turns into a real paradise on earth, every corner of which is buried in flowers and verdure with colourful butterflies around.

After enjoying the beauty and unusual flavours of Mainau, you can visit the city of Konstanz, located nearby. Many people compare its beauty and majesty to Barcelona. The city’s history dates back to the ancient times. Today, Konstanz is famous for its fortifications and bastions, medieval cathedrals, and preserved houses of artisans. In spring, Konstanz dives into the colourful Carnival Fastnacht. Mummers go along the streets singing and having fun. This performance shows rampancy of the evil that will calm down when warm and light spring comes.

Those who are fond of nature and boat voyages should definitely visit alpine lakes of Bavaria. In spring, their nature is changing: water seems cleaner, meadows greener, and tops of the Alps closer. The most popular resort in southern Bavaria is considered to be Lake Schliersee famous for its highly developed infrastructure. However, many tourists consider Lake Königssee as the most beautiful; it is often referred to as Royal Lake. Unprecedented beauty awaits you at Bavarian lakes Forggensee, Chiemsee, Ammersee, Lake Starnberg, where each is unique and picturesque, and, therefore, has its loyal fans. The numbers tell the stories best: millions of tourists annually visit the Bavarian lakes to have a rest.

Munich annually hosts Spring Festival. It is one of the most beloved and long-awaited national holidays of the Germans. It has more than a half century history. Traditionally, on the last week of April, Theresienwiese, an open space where Oktoberfest is held, dives into the ocean of amusements, carousels, tents with tasty food and traditional German beer. Spring Festival lasts for two weeks and attracts thousands of people. Be sure, spring in Bavaria can not only show you blooming landscapes, but also bring you much fun and joy at its carnivals.

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