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Where to go in September

Where to go in September

Summer is over, but that's no reason to be sad. On the contrary, in front of the velvet season - a time when the sun does not burn its rays, when the water is still warm and the sea with a fresh breeze blowing. 

The fall of many of the world resorts are open for you in a new way.

For example, in September - this is a good month to visit Sicily. In autumn there is a real paradise: warm water, a comfortable temperature, quiet, windless weather. At this time, is not as crowded as most tourists returning home. In addition, in September on the island runs several food festivals. If you love sweets, you can visit the ice cream festival, where local producers are on the sample up to 100 different varieties of this delicacy. Autumn in Sicily are also wine festivals, you can purchase a well-known Italian wines.

Like meat and side dishes? Then you are at the sausage festival, which is held in Italy in Emilia-Romagna. At this festival you can enjoy a taste of the famous Parma ham. And if you're a fan of rice, go to the rice festival in Orvieto.

Fans of cultural activities like the rest in September in Lyon. Lyon - the second largest city of France , famous for its medieval streets and squares, which are perfectly preserved to this day. From the middle of September we held Biennale of Contemporary Art. Dozens of talented artists come to the city from all over the world to submit their best pictures. In addition, Lyon - a gourmet's dream. Here, in one square meter is more restaurants than in all of Europe, and among them - the whole "galaxy" of restaurants with Michelin stars, which will offer you the most exquisite gourmet food and exemplary service. And this is quite a good reason to visit Lyon.

In September, in Cambodia during the monsoon season ends and restores pleasant weather. Summary pride of the country - the ancient temple of Angkor Wat, dedicated to the chief deity of Hinduism - the god Vishnu. This temple complex is the largest in the world. And in September, you will find almost no tourists here, while at other times of the year to go to the temple complex. Moreover, Cambodia is attractive to travelers with its low prices, such an unusual and exotic cuisine.

Fall in Jordan is warm and sunny. This weather will allow you not only to soak up the coast, but also to their health. Here, on the shores of the Dead Sea, a huge number of spa centers that offer a wide range of treatments for the whole body massage, mud wrap, and more. Due to its favorable location, you can combine a visit to the country with a trip to Israel, which is convenient for tourists, pilgrims.

September in T ailande also amazingly nice and gentle. However, it is best to choose the rest of the island east coast of Melaka, Tau, Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Pattaya. There are excellent conditions for diving, climbing, freediving and spearfishing.

September is also a wonderful month to enjoy the incredible beauty of nature in Iceland. The unique Valley of Geysers, national parks, waterfalls, glaciers, volcanoes and fjords. Here is just a small part of the natural wealth of the country. In addition, Iceland is rich in its traditions and folklore. So far here in the backwoods farmers live, the way of life that has not changed for centuries. They are hand-made cheese and cook delicious cheese, which are treated with the pleasure of tourists.

In addition, the lovely month of September for a sightseeing holiday, and this will suit any country in Europe, be it Germany, rich in its castles, prim Denmark or romantic France.

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