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Seychelles is an exotic tropical islands

Seychelles is an exotic tropical islands

Seychelles - an island nation, uniting more than one hundred islands in the Indian Ocean, located near the equator and the coast of Africa. It is interesting that so far only about thirty islands - are inhabited. Their history had seafarers colonists, slaves and pirates, and today these islands - the perfect exotic destination for numerous tourists. Archipelago washed clear waters of the ocean, there remained a lot of ancient unique plants and animals, and local unspoiled sandy beaches - some of the best in the world. Warm climate, great weather allow to rest here all year round! Average air temperature is substantially greater than 30 degrees, water - 25-30 degrees. The best period to stay considered in October-December. 

On the island of Mahe is the capital of the Seychelles - Victoria, one of the tiniest capitals in the world. There are many beautiful houses with openwork balconies, art galleries, Creole restaurants, bustling markets and colorful coconut palms. On the island d esyatki stunning beaches, scenic mountains and luxurious greens. 

Hardly touched "creature comforts" Silhouette Island: only mountains, beaches, forests and coral reefs. There are no roads and cars, but only - virgin jungle, rare flora and fauna. All this is like a magnet attracts wildlife lovers. On the island you can go fishing or diving. According to legend, the rocky landscape of the pirate Jean Hodoul hid their treasures. 

On the island of Praslin is wonderful national nature reserve Valle de Mai, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, growing sea coconut - one of the symbols of the Seychelles, and lives a very rare bird - the black parrot. Clear water, lush vegetation, bays and cliffs - all the island of La Digue, surrounded by a coral reef. Impressive granite sculpture, architect which made ​​nature - the sea and the wind. Lovers of cinema will be interesting to look at the Creole house, which filmed the acclaimed film "Emmanuel". As transportation on the island there is only ox sleds and bicycles. 

Ocean waters near the island of Denis - a wonderful place to go fishing for tuna. It is here that repeatedly sets a world record for catching fish dog. National Marine Park islands give an incredible tropical beauty of the underwater world. Transparent coastal waters or boat trip with windows to allow the hold survey of more than 150 species of fish and amazing coral reefs. 

Seychelles - it is also the world's largest coral atoll Aldabra, Seychelles nut palm, giant sea turtles, village artisans, where you can buy souvenirs local artists. This magical island of white sand beaches, warm ocean waves and the jungle. Residents of the island are very sensitive to the jewels of their land. 

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