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Easter in Spain

Easter in Spain

Each country attracts tourists not only with its unique destinations, but also traditions, where religious ones hold a special place. For two thousand years now, Christians around the world have celebrated The Resurrection of Christ. Spain is no exception. When celebrating Easter, Spanish provinces have their unique local peculiarities. Symbols, images of Saints, festive songs and music may differ.
Barcelona, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, annually arranges the great and vivid Easter celebration. Holy Week begins on Palm Sunday and ends on Easter Monday. On Palm Sunday, the vivid procession – La Burreta – takes place in the old part of the city. The crowded procession symbolises the entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem.

During Holy Week, old Gothic quarters of Barcelona are places where fancy dress processions are held, thus showing the most important biblical events. Old Catholic communities are the first to start processions – they carry palm branches, flags, crosses and other symbols. Crowds of penitents follow them. You can recognise them by pointed hoods and long robes to the ground. They hide their faces. Being there is a pleasure. It seems the clock has suddenly turned back to the Middle Ages, when the religion ruled the world.
On Good Friday, streets of Barcelona are crowded with thousands of priesthood. They carry large wooden cross on their shoulders, many of them wear crowns of thorns. All participants of the procession sing and that singing reaches streets and quarters far away. When listening, your skin crawls. This procession symbolises the difficult way of Christ to Calvary. Those who want to experience the suffering of Jesus, or make satisfaction for sins, join the procession. That is an opportunity to see Life in a new light.

On Easter Sunday, fancy dress processions are carried throughout Spain, lasting from the dawn all day. Young and old take part. They give each other hugs, wishes and painted eggs, an Easter indispensable attribute. And children receive sweets, mostly chocolate bunnies.

The Spaniards are eagerly waiting for Easter holidays. These are public holidays, when many businesses do not work or practice early closing. During the whole week, the Spaniards have a rest, visit churches, and prepare for the holiday. Diligent hostesses decorate their houses with flowers and bake La Mona de Pascua, a special Easter cake. The festive atmosphere attracts crowds of tourists to the country, that’s why prices for rest go up by several times. To spend great Easter holidays in Spain, you are well advised to make necessary booking of tickets and visas in advance.

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